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  • Clear and Honest Pricing No surprises, no hidden fees, and no escrow fees. We guarantee on-time delivery.
  • Only Premium Brandable Domains We hand-pick every domain that is added to our marketplace.
  • Logo from a Professional Unleash your brand's creativity with a professionally crafted logo by our skilled designers.
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  • Once payment has been completed, we will help you transfer your brand new domain.

    The domain is first transferred from the Seller to our registrar account. We hold it until you are ready to transfer it out.

    The best way to transfer a domain is known as a “push” which allows us to (almost) instantly transfer a domain from our registrar account to your account at the same registrar.

    Alternatively, you’ll identify your preferred registrar and we will provide you the AUTH code to transfer it away from the current registrar. Transfer may take up to 48 hours and 7 days.

    We confirm and verify with both buyer and seller that the domain has transferred completely.

    Once you own your domain it is your responsibility to continue to renew it every year at your preferred registrar, otherwise it will expire and you will lose your domain.

  • If you prefer to pay monthly for a domain, leasing may be an option for you. This allows you to purchase with monthly installments.
    The domain will only be transferred to you once all the payments are made. The domain escrow agent will continue to hold the domain during this time.
    However, if you do not complete all the payments the domain will revert back to the Seller without a refund.
    Please contact us if you are interested in leasing a domain as this is not currently automated.
  • We’ve been selling domains since 2019. We started operating under the Dealmakr® brand in 2023 and launched this marketplace.
    Dealmakr® is the only platform that handles both brands and domains for startups, and helping established businesses with their M&A and Exits, so we’re a bit unique.
    The domains listed on our platform are exclusively owned by our company, or are being sold for the owner. All domains are either redirected to us, or are under agreement to be sold with us. All domain sales are protected by our Done Deal Guarantee.
    We are a discreet and confidential marketplace. We do not share your personal information with the public, do not publicize or promote sales that occur through our marketplace. We just mark successful sales as “SOLD” and move onto the next deal.
    For outside domains and brands that we do not own ourselves, we rely on or our internal escrow agent for completing sales.
  • The .com extension carries immense brand value. As the internet’s default domain extension, securing a .com domain that perfectly matches your brand name offers numerous benefits:
    Dot-com enjoys widespread recognition. The most trusted brands and websites utilize the .com extension, therefore, having a .com domain subtly signals that your business is reputable and trustworthy. You become the authority and expert. It provides great advantages for new businesses to grow quickly.
    Owning the .com of any brand name grants you the “official” ownership of that word on the Internet. There is no stronger domain extension than .com and acquiring the exact-match for your company’s name means it is unlikely that another serious business will attempt to use that brand for their own. You become protected.
    Dot coms are easier to remember and recall. Most people will assume your brand ends with .com when seeing your logo or name anywhere offline. They cannot easily guess your website out of the hundreds of different alternative extensions available today. But they can guess .com by default. People will always find you first if you’re a dot-com.
    Search engines prefer .com and people click more on .com than alternative domains.
  • Premium, short domains often sell for large amounts of money into the millions. The biggest benefit to an alternative domain to .com is the cost to acquire.
    While a .com will give you a leg-up and boost for trust, authority, SEO, and possibly free type-in traffic, the cost is usually prohibitive for most startups.
    On the other hand, choosing the same name in a different domain extension that makes sense for your business is a much more affordable way to get started.
    You will find many businesses commonly register extensions including .co, .tv, .xyz, .net, and others until they can afford to “upgrade” to their preferred .com.
    This saves enormous amounts of money that goes towards building the business instead, and it is just as possible to be memorable and profitable with an alternative domain extension.
  • Yes. We can make simple edits to your logo. We can also produce a new logo at an additional fee.
    We own the copyright to all logos produced by Dealmakr®. They cannot be copied without permission.
  • No. Trademarks are “earned” by use in a specific industry and must be registered in the region you operate in.
    This means, a domain or brand cannot be trademarked until it is actively being used to provide bonafide goods or services to customers.
  • Because we are a third-party marketplace (we help other people Buy and Sell) we offer refunds but only in very specific situations:
    1. The buyer contacts us immediately and cancels the purchase before the transaction begins.
    2. The Seller does not complete the domain transfer within a reasonable timeframe (Our “Done Deal Guarantee”)
    If you do not receive your domain and use you will be refunded if the transaction does not complete, period.
  • No. It is not necessary for your company, brand, and domain to match.
    Many people believe that if a .com is taken then it is “game over” which is not the case. There are many different extensions. Further to this, just because one industry has a brand name that is in use does not mean that you cannot use that name in a different business segment. While “Uber” is best-known as a rideshare application, there are many different brands that also use the brand “Uber” or forms of it.
    A company name is just that, the company. Many companies have very unrelated names for their entities. Furthermore, many companies have many different brands or services with different names than the company itself. This is common.
  • While most domain sellers will randomly pick their sale price, we’ve got a little bit more experience. However, domain sales remain very subjective even for firms like Dealmakr®. However, the basic criteria that determine the asking price are;
    1. Length: Great domains are short. With single-word domains, it means that they can be applied to many different business types and makes them more valuable. The more specific a domain gets, the less potential buyers and lower the price.
    2. Real-words vs Pronouncible: Real words are of higher value than made up words. They will generate search engine results for the acquirer. With made up words, the more pronouncable they are, the higher the value. However, made up words require significant investment in branding to make them valuable.
    3. Evergreen: Established words and names that are based on temporary fads, hype, or a short-term trend will jump in value and fall quickly. They do not have “evergreen” value.
    4. Brandability: Names that are unique, memorable, and can flourish with marketing effort are considered highly brandable. They are valuable but less expensive than generic one-word terms.
    5. Comparables: When a real estate agent sells your house, the primary driving factor for price is what the other

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