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Dealmakr® is for entire business lifecycle from StartUps, Acquisitions, to Exits. Explore our hand-picked domains and logos, websites for sale, or hire our team for your mergers and acquisitions.
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A Different Approach to M&A and Brands

Feeling discouraged in your quest for a remarkable business brand and domain? Dealmakr® to the rescue! With a delightful collection of names, you can explore, draw inspiration, and discover the extraordinary yet ideal name for your company. No matter if you're just getting started building your business, or you are ready for your big exit, we are here to help you from the beginning all the way through to the end.
Perfect StartUp Names Available at Affordable Prices
Like countless entrepreneurs, you understand that launching your idea requires the perfect brand. However, the process of finding the ideal name often consumes precious time, involves endless brainstorming, availability checks, and negotiations that often lead to dead ends and disappointment. Let the Dealmakr® close the deal.
Get Your Big Exit Where You Got Your Start
We'll let you in on a little secret. The biggest part of The Dealmakr® is not selling brands to StartUps. It is helping Founders and Entrepreneurs like yourself sell your business and get a successful exit. We are here for you along the way from branding to considering an exit. Even if you didn't get your start with us, we're happy to help you get your exit!
Get inspired by browsing.
Just as you'd shop for the perfect gift, why not do the same for your business name? Often it's quicker and simpler to be inspired by samples and examples than starting from scratch. Instead of overspending at a fluffy branding agency or hipster marketing firm, buy domains and brands at The Dealmakr® the carefully curated business names marketplace.
Let the Experts Help You Acquire
There are an unlimited number of acquisition targets. You don't have the time to search and review every possible opportunity out there. Sometimes, there are options you had not even considered because of tunnel vision acquisition focus. Sometimes the most obvious way to expand your business isn't what you thought at all.
The best domains are taken, but not gone.
How many times have you been frustrated by amazing domains for your new project that were already taken (or worse) sitting unused and wasted? Finding something amazing that is unregistered will be difficult, and settling for what remains unregistered will be mediocre. You deserve better. Your new brand is an investment, and a premium domain will retain its value long-term. An innovative business name is truly priceless.
The Dealmakr® Will Sell Your Business
If you are like most founders and entrepreneurs, you've never sold a business before. Much like you'd hire a sales person when you want to increase your top-line revenue, or a marketing agency when you want a stellar advertising campaign, you want to hire an M&A expert when you want to sell your business.
Join other lean and fast-paced Startups.
We cater to startups seeking quality names, great logo design, and above all, an easy solution to finding the perfect brand name. While other branding marketplaces may focus entirely on expensive .com domains, we have a wide range of attractive domains that won't break the bank, and are often more clever and brandable than a dot com. You'll be happy dealing with The Dealmakr®
Because We Work With Everyone, Everyone Wins.
We're doing something different. We're combining the venue where entrepreneurs start a business with the place they seek out when they want to sell. This creates interesting synergies for both Buyers and Sellers of brands and businesses.

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The Dealmakr® Difference

Get the whole package. Your one-time purchase includes full lifetime rights to the domain name, packaged with the sample logos we have produced. But wait, there's more!
The Done Deal Guarantee
Our domain escrow service is simple, and only takes a few days. We guarantee that if your transfer fails or deal gets cancelled, we will provide you a full refund.
Transparent Pricing
No high stakes negotiations here. We save you time, energy, and stress with listed prices. Dealmakr™ determines pricing based on quality, popularity, brandability, and third-party valuations.
Exclusive Premium Business Names
Our collection of brand names is meticulously curated by our team of business strategy and marketing consultants. Our marketplace is open to sellers around the world but only the best qualify for listing.
Leases Negotiable
If you're not ready to make an immediate purchase, or if you don't have all that startup investment moolah the other guys have, we can negotiate convenient lease-to-own plans that allow you to utilize the name right away while gradually fulfilling payment over time.